Personalised, Creative One-to-One Art & Photography Lessons & Creativity Coaching in Suffolk & Norfolk

Everyone is creative including you!

Free your creativity, discover your inner artist or photographer! Completely personalised, one-to-one creative Art/Photography Lessons, Mindfulness Based Creativity Coaching, Art Retreats and tiny group Art Workshops with Zangmo Alexander aim to help you discover exciting ways of expressing yourself creatively.

Everyone is welcome, from absolute beginner to experienced! Come and play!

Experiment with a huge range of exciting art materials, develop ideas or themes of personal interest and explore traditional and modern approaches to creative art making in a friendly, encouraging atmosphere.

Uniquely, Mindfulness Based Creativity Coaching is offered to help free you from creative blocks sabotaging creativity, enabling you to discover yourself and create from an inner authenticity rather than being stuck in trying to do 'good' art.

About Your Art Tutor & Creativity Coach Zangmo Alexander

A Professional Artist, qualified Art and Photography Teacher, Life Coach, Creativity Coach and Mindfulness Meditation Teacher, for over 30 years Zangmo taught Art Courses in Colleges and Schools. She now has private Art/Photography Tuition and Mindfulness Based Creativity Coaching practices in Suffolk UK. More about Zangmo here.

In 2011 Zangmo was inspired to evolve a way of integrating Art/Photography Teaching and Mindfulness Based Creativity Coaching to help students and clients to discover, explore and express themselves more authentically.

Discover your own authentic artistic expression

There is no one right way to do art, so no house style. Anything goes, no rules! My aim is to give you an exciting new toolbox of creative possibilities, and to help you develop confidence and skills for navigating your unique creative journey!

Your One-to-One Personalised Art or Photography Lessons or Creativity Coaching Sessions with me can include:

Personalised One-to-One Art Courses,
Personalised One-to-One Photography Lessons,
Art Workshops, Art for Self Discovery, Art and Meditation,
Based Creativity Coaching

One-to-One Drawing, Painting and Photography Lessons

Each Art or Photography Lesson is completely personalised for your own unique interests, experience and aspirations

One-to-One Art Lessons and Photography Lessons offer you the space and time to learn and explore what you want, at your own pace, have sessions at different times, and pay as you go.

You have my undivided attention and can progress more quickly than in a larger class.

Have fun creatively and playfully exploring and experimenting with a wide range of Art and Photography media, including Pencil, Soft Pastel, Hard Pastel, Oil Pastel, Charcoal, Ink, Watercolour Pencil, Watercolour Paint, Watercolour Crayons, Acrylic Paints, Oil Paints, Gouache, Mixed Media, Collage, Encaustic, Photoshop and Photomontage

Art Breaks, Painting Holidays and Creative Retreats

Enjoy time away from it all in the beautiful rural Suffolk village of Botesdale exploring any aspect of Creativity, Art or Photography that interests you on a completely personalised Art Break or Painting Holiday.

Your Art or Photography Break can be as short or as long as you want, at a time that suits you, and above all, it is individually tailor made to your own personal needs and interests.

Mindful Drawing, Mindful Painting and Mindful Photography

Mindful Drawing, Painting and Photography Workshops and Retreats, are beautiful ways to combine personal development, self discovery and healing with artistic self expression.

Exactly what we do will depend on your interests.

Mindfulness Based Creativity Coaching

Getting stuck or not being able to move forward is part of the creative process. Often personal issues such as fear, depression, procrastination, creative blocks, resistances, time management issues, low self confidence and misconceptions about what artistic creativity is, can sabotage personal and creative development.

This is when Mindfulness Based Creativity Coaching can be very helpful in enabling us to move forward. As a qualified coach, I am able to offer Creativity Coaching, Life Coaching and Mindfulness Coaching.

Art Workshops in Suffolk and Norfolk

An exciting range of creative Art Workshops in TINY GROUPS runs throughout the year. Everyone is welcome, from complete beginner to experienced and professional. Some art workshops are specifically for beginners and others are more open access.

Personalised, tailor made Art Workshops at a time to suit you and your friends are also offered - just phone me, Zangmo, on 01379 897393 to discuss possibilities.

Art and Digital Photography Tuition Gift Vouchers

Art or Photography Tuition Gift Vouchers are available for anything on this website. Please contact Zangmo on 01379 897393 to discuss your requirements.

Inviting Zangmo to visit your group or organisation

I am able to travel to give art workshops to your group or organisation nationally and internationally. Please phone me on 01379 897393 to discuss your needs.

When and Where can I have One-to-One Art Tuition or Creativity Coaching?

Art Lessons or Creativity Coaching can be Face-to-Face, by Skype, email, post and phone and any duration you want. Since all learning is personalised, we can work flexibly together to create the learning experience which is right for you.

FACE TO FACE sessions at my spacious studio in Botesdale, Suffolk:

    • At times to suit you from 1 hour to two week retreats and breaks - you decide, or I can help you decide! 

    • You can learn at your own pace, and have a session as little or as often as you want. 

LEARN FROM HOME with Distance or Blended Learning:

    • If you are unable to visit Suffolk, I can also design a bespoke Distance Learning Art or Photography Course to meet your own individual needs and interests.

    • Skype, email and phone in combination with occasional face-to-face workshops of any duration you want can work really well to keep you motivated and feeling supported

    • Invite me to visit you to run an Art or Digital Photography workshop at home or in your centre either just for you, or for your group

Please phone me on 01379 897393 to discuss your needs

Enquiries and Bookings:
Phone Zangmo Alexander on

01379 897393 (UK)
or 044 1379 897393 (International)

Gift Vouchers available for everything on this website!