One-to-One Personalised Art Lessons in Suffolk and Norfolk

Encouraging, Step-by-Step Art Tuition
to free your inner artist and express yourself!

Want to learn to draw and paint but do not want to commit to a regular art class? If you would like Art Lessons at a time to suit you, where you can learn to draw and paint in a way that interests and benefits you, and where you can progress at your own pace, then one-to-one private Art Tuition with experienced, patient and encouraging Art Tutor Zangmo Alexander may be the ideal choice for you.

Everyone is welcome from complete beginner to experienced. All Art Lessons with Zangmo are totally personalised for your own individual, unique needs.

You can explore traditional or experimental, contemporary approaches to drawing and painting in your art lessons. Maybe you have always wanted to learn abstract painting, or want to improve your drawing or colour mixing? Or you could learn oil painting, trying out oil paints here, before you decide whether to buy oil paints for yourself.....

Complete beginners can enjoy step-by-step guidance in the basics of learning how to draw and paint. This can help you develop the foundation skills and confidence which are the springboard from which you will then begin to express yourself through drawing and painting.

If you have some skills and experience, you are ready to explore and develop your creative ideas and personal interests through art projects. You will experiment further with different art media such as watercolour, gouache, acrylics,oils or mixed media, and learn how to develop and progress your ideas through making studies leading to finished paintings.

For example, you may be interested in traditional genres such as still life, nature, landscape, the human form, the head, or you may be drawn to themes such as fantasy, self and identity, mindscapes, abstraction, movement, the seasons, emotions, spirituality, the elements and so on.

There is no 'house style' - some students work in representational ways, while others are more abstract.

Each student is encouraged to develop in the way that feels closest to their heart.

Benefits of One-to-One Art Tuition

Completely personalised art lessons: Choose exactly what it is you want to learn in each Art Class. Together we agree what we will do in each session - you set the pace. I will support and guide you so you get the very best out of your sessions.

Flexible Times: Private Art Sessions can be daytimes, evening and weekends to fit in with your other commitments. Sessions can be from 2 hours to as many days as you want, so you can make a lovely Art Break, Painting Holiday or Creativity Retreat here in Bressingham, in rural Norfolk.

Flexible Payment: Just pay as you go for each lesson as you have it, so you don't have to pay a whole term's fees in advance.

Flexible places to learn: We can also combine face-to-face sessions with distance learning such as email, Skype or phone sessions, so you can have ongoing support at home. This blended learning works very well in providing ongoing support to keep you going if you can only visit me occasionally.

Learn traditional, representational approaches, or experimental, contemporary approaches.
You can even combine Art Tuition with Photography Tuition, Creativity Coaching, Mindfulness and Art, or Art and Meditation.

Explore a wide range of Art Media: including pencil, charcoal, pen and ink, pastel acrylic paint, oil paint, watercolour paint, gouache, mixed media, collage, image and text, photomontage.

If you feel stuck with creative blocks or other issues sabotaging your creative development, I am also a qualified Life Coach and Creativity Coach with professional skills to help you move through these issues.

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What Clients Say

How grateful I feel that I found Zangmo on the internet. One-to-One Tuition was a perfect choice for me, one which I'd love to repeat. I have no hesitation in recommending this to others. From the first I found Zangmo welcoming, friendly, perceptive and attentive. She listened to me and observed me so well without imposing; was gently challenging and supportive throughout.

An accomplished artist and teacher, Zangmo with her knowledge, manner, personality and experience in many areas gave me a very beneficial process to develop freedom in my art work. Combining these techniques with some meditation I move forward with confidence; I can release myself from previous limitations. Thank you Zangmo.

From S.M, Cyprus

Enquiries and Bookings:
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01379 897393 (UK)
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