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personalised art tuition to free your creativity - experienced art teacher & artist  - all welcome!

Would you like completely personalised, one-to-one, private creative art lessons, designed just for you, at times to suit you in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere? Would you like to explore new skills, art materials and ideas of personal interest with an experienced, encouraging art teacher, professional artist and creativity coach? I offer encouraging creative art tuition to equip you with an inspiring toolbox of creative skills, ideas and confidence so that you can express yourself through ar​​t.

One-to-One Creative Art Lessons, Botesdale, Suffolk, Norfolk

Beginners Foundation

Drawing & Painting Lessons

One-to-one Beginners Art Lessons can help you quickly develop skills and confidence in the basics of drawing and painting. Loads of personalised, individual support and step-by-step art tuition with art teacher and professional artist Zangmo Alexander in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.

  • Try before you buy: explore an exciting range of art materials FREE, including charcoal, pastel, pencil, ink, oil paint, acrylic paint, mixed media watercolour, collage, photomontage

  • Progress at your own speed - homework is an option if you would like to progress more quickly

  • Art sessions at flexible times, weekday and weekend 

  • Choose how often you have lessons

  • Loads of individual guidance, encouragement and free refreshments!

  • One-to-One helps you progress at your own pace with loads of individual guidance

  • Or you can bring up to two friends to share the costs 

Enquiries and Bookings:

01379 897393


Creative Drawing & Painting Art Lessons

Explore projects of personal interest, experiment with expressive ways of using a wide range of exciting art materials, discover new approaches to drawing and painting. Free yourself from copying, and discover your own, authentic creativity.

  • Learn to develop exciting ideas and themes of personal interest into creative projects, from initial sketches and studies into finished art works,

  • Explore drawing and painting for self expression and self discovery

  • Experiment with traditional, representational, expressive, contemporary approaches in art - there is no 'house style', just encouragement and support helping you to discover your own personal interests and styles

  • Continue exploring exciting art materials FREE, including oil painting, acrylic painting, watercolour painting, pastels, charcoal, gouache, collage, pencil, ink, mixed media, photomontage, assemblage, installation, image/text, collage

  • One-to-One helps you progress at your own pace with loads of individual guidance

  • Or you can bring up to two friends to share the costs 

Enquiries and Bookings:

01379 897393



"How grate­ful I feel that I found Zangmo on the in­ter­net. One-to-One Tu­ition was a per­fect choice for me, one which I'd love to re­peat.


I have no hes­it­a­tion in re­com­mend­ing this to oth­ers. From the first I found Zangmo wel­com­ing, friendly, per­cept­ive and at­tent­ive. She listened to me and ob­served me so well without im­pos­ing; was gently chal­len­ging and sup­port­ive throughout.

An ac­com­plished artist and teacher, Zangmo with her know­ledge, man­ner, per­son­al­ity and ex­per­i­ence in many areas gave me a very be­ne­fi­cial pro­cess to de­velop free­dom in my art work. Com­bin­ing these tech­niques with some med­it­a­tion I move for­ward with con­fid­ence; I can re­lease my­self from pre­vi­ous lim­it­a­tions. Thank you Zangmo."

- S.M, Cyprus: Art Tu­ition