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Give the gift of creativity!

Gift Vouchers
One-to-One, Bespoke 
Art Lessons, 

Art Workshops, 
Art Retreats,
Art Breaks,
Creativity Coaching

 in Suffolk, Norfolk UK

How to purchase your One-to-One Art Tuition Gift Vouchers:

  1. Decide how many hours you would like to purchase. 
    Prices depend on whether or not I am providing art materials

  2. Don't worry about what the recipient will do, as your Gift Voucher only says how many hours art tuition they have been given, not what they will do. The recipient discusses what he/she wants to do when contacting me.

  3. Contact me on 01379 897393, or to ask any questions and to purchase your Art Tuition Gift Voucher

  4. I send you your Art Tuition Gift Voucher by post or email
    Your gift voucher will say: 
    how many hours tuition the gift voucher is for,
    how the recipient can contact me to arrange our art session/s

  5. Wait to see the big smile on the face of your happy recipient! 

Enquiries: 01379 897393
Please note: Gift vouchers are transferable but non-refundable. They are valid for one year from purchase.

Creative Way Art

One-to-One Creative Art Tuition, Art Retreats, Creative Mentoring, Mindful Creativity Coaching in Suffolk, UK

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