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Mindful Creativity Coach, Life Coach, Suffolk, Norfolk, UK

helping you integrate who you are with what you do for greater fulfilment

Client Testimonials:

"I always find myself relaxing and feeling inspired within the first few minutes of arriving for a session with Zangmo. She radiates warmth and joyfulness, with the stillness and vitality of someone who has clearly spent many years meditating. I’ve found her a very generous teacher for meditation, art business and life coaching, and find her one of those teachers who makes a big difference." 

- C.M. Norwich

"I want to thank Zangmo Alexander for her help and support with some serious issues in my life. She is a caring, supportive individual that can almost see into your soul. She has helped me clarify many recent issues plus helped with an "action plan" for dealing with these issues. Her coaching is incredibly astute and personal. I would recommend those of you considering coaching to contact Zangmo."

- K.G. Thetford

"Again, keep doing what you do for people as it is marvellous!"

- K.G

We are all naturally creative. Artistic expression is just one way to be creative. When we can be ourselves, it is possible for art - and anything else we do - to flow naturally, compassionately and usually more wisely. This can feel deeply satisfying because we are being authentic and expressing ourselves from this authenticity.

However, this isn't always easy to do! Sometimes we get blocked by our habits, conditioning, life circumstances, when we can feel stuck, frustrated, depressed and anxious. 


Helping you move through these issues to discover who you really are, and how you might express yourself from who you really are in your personal, professional or creative life is what we do together in Mindful Creativity Coaching. 

A qualified life coach (member of the Association for Coaching), with over 20 years' experience as an art teacher, creativity coach, mindfulness teacher and professional artist and seven years as a Buddhist nun, I offer a safe, confidential space in which you choose the agenda and how you would most like to work together to move forward in your personal, creative, spiritual or business life.


I support your journey using a variety of approaches drawn from my extensive experience in coaching, therapeutic art, mindfulness, art teaching and mentoring, depending on your personal preferences and what would be most helpful.


Your coaching can be very concrete or deep and profound - often both are needed as we explore personal, spiritual, emotional, energetic dimensions and practical action plans.


Mindful Creativity Coaching sessions can be at times to suit you, daytime, evening or weekends, in a relaxed, informal atmosphere in beautiful Botesdale, Suffolk, or by Skype, Zoom or phone.


Phone me on 01379 897393, for an informal chat about what you are looking for

Topics we explore can include

  • Wanting to dissolve blocks, procrastination, resistance, fear, anxiety and negative beliefs sabotaging your personal, creative and professional development

  • Needing to clarify what is really important, authentic and meaningful in life and creative practice for you – what are your core values, aspirations, goals and beliefs that make life worth living and creative work worth doing?

  • Looking for support with starting to find confidence, focus or learn skills while you get yourself going doing art work

  • Support and clarity returning to doing art after a gap, or are going through a life transition, career change or retirement

  • Support on your path of healing, self discovery and personal development, enabling you to combine creative activity with ME, MS, physical disability, depression and stress

  • Help connecting with and expressing your deepest self - explore integrating mindfulness, spiritual counselling, creative expression and coaching

  • Support going professional with creative practice, or if you are already a creative professional, support with professional development to move your business forward, deepen and progress your creative work or change direction

  • Support for women: women in particular find difficulty making time to nourish themselves through creative activities. If you are keen to integrate creativity into your life, Mindful Creativity Coaching can support you in learning to balance creative work with other areas of your life, such as relationships, time management, physical health, social and family life and spirituality

  • Mentoring and coaching can be a tremendous ongoing support, particularly when self doubt, blocks, anxiety and other issues poke their heads up

  • Mindful Creativity Coaching as CPD completely personalised to focus on what you want to explore


Phone me on 01379 897393, for an informal chat about what you are looking for.

A bit about mindfulness

Mindfulness involves being aware of and paying attention to what is happening, as it is happening. This includes awareness of seeing, hearing, touching, smelling, tasting, thinking, feeling, bodily energy and recognising awareness itself as we experience them in the present moment. Contrary to popular belief you do not have to be able to stop thinking in order to learn to meditate.​


This can really open us up to appreciating and enjoying the amazing qualities of the ever living present moment, even when we are finding things difficult. ​Mindfulness meditation can be used in a secular way just to relax and improve health and well being, or it can also lead to enlightenment, the permanent cessation of suffering, the waking up to the full realisation of who we really are at the deepest level.

For cen­tur­ies med­it­at­ors, doc­tors and heal­ers in east­ern tra­di­tions such as Buddhism, Hinduism and Tao­ism have be­lieved that mind­ful­ness med­it­a­tion im­proves health and well-be­ing. Now sci­ent­ists are find­ing evid­ence for this. As mind­ful­ness med­it­a­tion be­came in­creas­ingly ac­cep­ted in Europe and Amer­ica, sci­ent­ists began to re­search its ef­fects. Clin­ical stud­ies have doc­u­mented how it helps people stay health­ier, im­prove men­tal focus and feel less over­whelmed by emo­tions. Used as a sec­u­lar heal­ing tool in mod­ern health care and ther­apy, reg­u­larly prac­tising mind­ful­ness and med­it­a­tion have been shown to lessen suf­fer­ing and im­prove phys­ical, emo­tional and men­tal well being.

About Creativity Coach Zangmo Alexander

A qualified Life Coach, Art Teacher and Professional Artist I have over 25 years experience sup­port­ing cli­ents in dis­cov­er­ing fresh ways to in­teg­rate their deep­est val­ues with au­then­tic, cre­at­ive ex­pres­sion in art or pho­to­graphy me­dia and more widely in work and personal life. 

I  have practised mindfulness and meditation for over twenty years, and was a Buddhist nun for seven years before returning to lay life. I have been fortunate to have received meditation and mindfulness teachings from revered masters as well as participating in a secular 8 Week Mindfulness course with the University of Bangor. This has given me an understanding of the creative process and its relationship with mindfulness, meditation and self discovery.


I am a member of The Association for Coaching and the Creativity Coaching Association, and  abide by their professional codes of conduct. 

Enquiries and Bookings: 01379 897393