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About Zangmo Alexander and Creative Way Art

Hello, my name is Zangmo Alexander. I’ve been a professional Art Teacher for over 20 years, a Mindful Creativity Coach for 11 years and a professional Artist for 30 years. I can honestly say I can’t think of anything else that would bring me such joy every day. I love working with clients and students of all ages and abilities and get so much satisfaction from seeing how they grow and develop personally and creatively.

How did Creative Way Art begin?

While teaching creativity, art and photography courses in col­leges, schools, the community and in private practice for 20 years, I noticed how apparently able students and clients seemed stuck in negative self talk, resistances and blocks preventing them from just being themselves and expressing themselves creatively, compassionately and authentically.

Inspired to help, I trained as a life coach, and developed a creativity coaching practice to complement the art teaching. Having been a Buddhist nun from 2007-2014, I began integrating meditation and mindfulness in my own art practice and this led to using meditation and mindfulness to complement art teaching and creativity coaching.


With this unique, personalised approach to helping individuals explore ways to express and discover themselves, Creative Way Art offers a range of exciting techniques from art teaching, art therapy, life coaching, teaching and creativity coaching.


This has been an immensely fascinating and fulfilling journey, for many of my students, clients and myself.


To discuss working with me, please phone 01379 897393, or email me.


To see more of my drawings, paintings and projects, go to www.zangmoalexander.com